Very Pink Raspberry Cosmopolitan

Yields 2

Prep Time 10 min

Total Time 10 mins

This is truly a VERY pink Raspberry Cosmo!


    For the Raspberry Juice

    • 2 cups frozen raspberries
    • 1 & 1/2 cups water

    For the Cocktail

    • 2 ounces Raspberry juice
    • 2 ounces Raspberry Liqueur
    • 4 oz good quality vodka ( Ketel one, Grey Goose)
    • Juice from 1/2 lime
    • 1 ounce simple syrup (Bring equal parts sugar and water to boil in a saucepan until the sugar is dissolved. Cool).
    • Pink sugar crystals
    • Raspberries for garnish


      To make the raspberry juice:

      1. Combine 2 cups of frozen raspberries and 1 1/2 cups of water and bring to a simmer, mashing the berries against the sides of the pain to release their juices. Strain into a cup or bowl scraping the seeds with a spatula along the bottom of the strainer to extract all the juice.

      To Prepare the Cocktail:

      1. Fill two standard size martini glasses with ice and water to chill.
      2. In a shaker combine the Raspberry Juice, raspberry liqueur, vodka and lime juice over ice and shake a few times until ice cold.
      3. Pour out the ice water from the martini glasses and dip the rims of the glasses in simple syrup then into pink sugar crystals. Divide the mixture between the two glasses and garnish with raspberries.
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