Hamburger Baked Bean Casserole

Serves 8

Prep Time 10 min

Cook Time 45 min

Total Time 55 mins



    Brown and drain

    • 1 lb. hamburger
    • 1/4 lb. bacon cut into one inch slices
    • 1/2 C onion
    • 2 large cans baked beans
    • 1 med can pork and beans
    • 1 small can kidney beans
    • 1/2 Cup brown sugar
    • 2 Tbsp molasses
    • 2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
    • 1 tsp. dry mustard
    • 1-2 tsp Sriracha Pepper Sauce, to taste


    1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
    2. Combine the beef, bacon and onion in a large over proof skillet and brown until the meat is browned and the onions have softened. Drain off the grease.
    3. Add the remaining ingredients, mix well and bake in the oven for 35-40 minutes until hot and bubbly.
    4. We love it served with biscuits or cornbread!

    Recipe Notes

    In a hurry? Make it in a pressure cooker. Brown the beef, bacon and onions and drain. Add the remaining ingredients, set your pressure cooker on Manual/High for 5 minutes; let the pressure release naturally and serve!

    More? For leftovers, add the mixture to some cooked noodles and top with sour cream and more Sriracha Pepper Sauce.

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