Pikes Peak Spiked Apple Crisp


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    YIKES! Have had a baked dessert laden weekend…sticky toffee pudding on Friday, baked apple and blueberry crumble last night and here I am lusting after this……hehe. Can never get enough of the sweet stuff. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely be trying this one. Have a great week xx

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    Oh definitely a good crisp or crumble any day and LOVE that it is spiked! I add Amaretto to more and more of my fruit desserts (am posting an Amaretto-spiked Nectarine Crsip next! Funny that!) but love that you added Grand Marnier as well. Gorgeous!

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    It must be some unspoken inner truth that we all actually prefer crisps to pies. This one looks particularly decadent. I’m all for the ahem, adult nature, as well. I too dislike fruit trees in my own yard, but certainly love reaping the rewards of friends and neighbors! Great post.

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    I LOVE apple crisp. There’s something about that buttery crunchy topping that’s addictive. Definitely better than pie. I’ve never tried it with Grand Marnier it sounds wonderful. My hubby will love this.

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    Adult versions are definitely my favorite! This does sound delicious and I agree that crisps are better than pies. I love the crunchy toppings, especially with ice cream. Some friends gave my a bunch of plums to make jam, but the little buggar squirrels had nibbled at them so badly that I was afraid to use them. Grab those apples before they get to them so you can make more apple dishes this Fall!

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