Peach and Jalapeno Margarita

Whenever I use jalapeno peppers I'm reminded of the first dish I ever had that included them and I have to chuckle at the change. We had moved to Denver from Raleigh, NC and the words fajita, enchilada and burrito were not a part of the daily lexicon of the South that I knew. So that move saw a dramatic change in food offerings and it was evident in that first plate of fajitas I had ever had that we ordered at a Chili's (also new to us). We were famished after moving across country with 2 kids ... read more

Zucchini and Cream Cheese Casserole

I've always grown my own zucchini for as long as I can remember but in the past couple of years I've cut way back on a big garden with veggies and now concentrate on growing a wide variety of herbs and some tomatoes in pots. That's was getting to the point where at this time of year I did not want to see another zucchini! My plan was foiled though when a neighbor brought me a bag of home grown zucchini, just fresh from her garden. I had already received two monster zucchini from ... read more

Fried Rice with Crispy Shallots | @creativculinary

Let's see, if today is Tuesday and I'm re-publishing this post; what do I call that? Somethin' somethin' Tuesday. Throwback Tuesday works but might be confusing to anyone used to Thursdays being #TBT but least the acronym still works! Until something better comes to me (usually at 2:30am and then I forget it when I wake up) I'll go with my own personal version of #TBT because I have such a huge wealth of older posts that are lost back in the darker ages with recipes I just love and I ... read more