Lamb and Goat Cheese Burgers with Cabernet Barbecue Sauce from @creativculinary #BurgerMonth

I'm participating in #BurgerMonth and every day of the month of August there will be a new creation unleashed from a group of 31 bloggers; one per day, all of them a new recipe for our favorite summertime food...BURGERS! Credit for this effort has to go to Kita Roberts of Girl Carnivore; so thanks Kita for all of your hard work. When I first decided to participate there is no question that my head was still thinking about what has become my favorite burger, the Canyon Creek Burger that I ... read more

Lemon Drop Martini from @creativculinary

  This is a post I did a couple of years ago that I decided to publish again for a couple of reasons. I was reminded of this Lemon Drop Martini when my blogging pal John at Kitchen Riffs shared a post yesterday with the Lemon Drop Martini. It's more the standard version I use and they are so good. But when I have a bit extra time I really crave this Lemon Drop and Vanilla Bean version. It is a fantastic blend of fresh citrus juice and rind with vodka and vanilla bean. A large number of ... read more

Zucchini and Potato Frietter with Garlic Herb Sauce from @creativculinary

There was a time in the not so distant past when getting mail was still fun. Now my mailbox is a block away stacked with the other community boxes and if that's not drudgery enough every day, rain or shine (bad knee), once I get there and pick up the mail it's typically nothing but garbage. I mean really. I come home and sort the vast majority of it into the trash before ever walking inside. Still there are a few bright spots. I got a lovely card from a friend a few weeks ago after my brother ... read more