A Classic Manhattan Served with Mushroom Paté




  1. Passante says

    I scanned the comments but no one seems to have asked this question (if they did and I missed it, sorry for being redundant): What kind of sherry — very dry, dry, or medium? I am assuming not sweet or cream sherry. I imagine dry Marsala would also be good in this recipe.

    • Creative Culinary says

      That was a very good question! I had to look at the bottle and only in the description do they say ‘Moderately Dry’ so I’ve changed the recipe to say Medium Dry or Dry Sherry; I think either would be fine. Thanks!

    • Creative Culinary says

      Thank you Dara; I just need an extra weekend now in my schedule. :) They are both so elegant and decadent; both separately and together. Preferably together.

  2. says

    Lovely recipe, thanks Barbara. I’ve been returning to some of the recipes I used to use some years back and making my own pates and terrines are among them. With the power in modern processors these days it is so much easier to do this – a far cry from pushing stuff through sieves, which is how I did it in my poorer days!
    Amanda Most Recent Post: Snowed in, in Seattle

    • Creative Culinary says

      I think that would have stopped me Amanda but I’m sort of thinking I want to try a more complicated terrine one of these days and yes, thankful for some modern equipment.

    • Creative Culinary says

      Thank you Daily…my photo work is always ‘in progress’ and your kind remark is a nice reward. Do try the pate, easy and delicious.

  3. Johnny West says

    Am going to to make the Manhattan tonight but am using High West Bourye single batch whiskey from Park City, Antikka Ricetta Vermouth from italy and Peychaud’s bitters. The cherries are marinading in Herring cherry liqueur. Cant’ wait!



  4. Faye says

    I have glasses very similar to those that I inherited from my grandmother. I never thought to serve Manhattans in them, even though that is one of my favorite cocktails. The mushroom pate is a must try- my husband is a mushroom fiend, and would love this!

    • Creative Culinary says

      Well, I guess I’ve now inherited them from someone’s grandmother even if not my own! I love them and it is how they were originally served; over the years they became relegated to a lowball glass. I think I like the old way better. So elegant.

  5. says

    Since I am such a mushroom lover, this pate sounds AMAZING!!! Love your glasses, my Dad is a huge lover of Manhattans. I will have to show him your post:-) Congrats on contributing for The Daily Basics, how exciting! Hugs, Terra
    Terra Most Recent Post: Vegan Lemon Pecan Muffins

    • Creative Culinary says

      You are so sweet Tara; thank you for the kind comments. You should surprise your Dad sometime with homemade Maraschino cherries. They are amazing!

  6. says

    I made a chilied mushroom pate by Susan Feniger a few years back, and it was pretty great. However, without even tasting yours, I know I’ll like it better because it contains one of my favorite things in the world – cream cheese. That said, your Manhattans look so elegant..the beautiful photo of them makes me feel like I’m in an elegant restaurant or small club in, well..Manhattan – light jazz playing in the background. ;)
    Lisa Most Recent Post: Cinnamon Goo Biscuits and Bad Boy Love Part Two, Postponed

    • Creative Culinary says

      I love you. That is EXACTLY the ambiance I was going for. The cream cheese is more than just a binder that’s all I’m saying. :)

    • Creative Culinary says

      Thank you Maris…it’s pretty much the perfect fit for me. Funny, I don’t put a lot of appetizers on my blog…but I love them. This will help change that!

    • Creative Culinary says

      Yay…and nice to meet you. Hope you do try it; it’s simple and pretty perfect if you ask me. Or if you had watched me try not to devour a whole bowl of it. :)

  7. says

    First, Barb – congratulations on your new gig with Daily Basics! You were the perfect choice for an apps and cocktail contributor. What a story of finding just the right glass for your Manhattan! And what a guy, the restaurant manager, to help you out like he did.

    I already have this pate on my weekend cooking list. Just can’t wait to try it. All my most favorite flavors in one lovely appetizer. Yum.
    Lana @ Never Enough Thyme Most Recent Post: Turnip Green Dip

    • Creative Culinary says

      Only thing missing from you and that pate is me. Gosh I wish it was easier for us to transport ourselves to meet our favorite people.

  8. says

    I do love all your posts but your Happy Hour Fridays are quickly becoming my favorite. You always do such lovely write ups on the drinks and your photos are fabulous. Ron’s drink has been the Manhattan for years and the only bitters he ever uses is Angustura. He prefers his with the Sweet Vermouth and he would love your mushroom pate…with or without a Manhattan!

    • Creative Culinary says

      I love doing them too Paula…there are never-ending resources for recipes and I’ve been loving the ones with a history.

    • Creative Culinary says

      Thanks Sara; we thought so too! I will forever be indebted to Scott; we’ll have to make it to YaYa’s one day.

    • Creative Culinary says

      It is simply wonderful…and truth be told I had simply forgotten about it. Don’t you love those rediscovered treasures?

  9. says

    Barb this is fantastic! I loved reading the story over at Daily Basic – and BTW Congratulations!!! The story, the cocktail the pate – a complete and total HOME RUN!!!
    Have yet to see Mad Men – my parents were in the Martini crowd -faithfully had one every night!
    Have bookmarked that Mushroom Pate – I think it will be making it’s appearance at my next appetizer get together!

    • Creative Culinary says

      I love that I’ve been forced by circumstance to recall something that I like so much. I forgot how good it was!

  10. Marianne Hertel says

    Your mushroom and cream cheese pate sounds delicious! I wanted to add it to my recipe box but I didn’t see how to access it.

    • Creative Culinary says

      I’m working on adding the feature to allow users to add their recipe to a Ziplist recipe box now. Hoping to have it completed over the weekend. Soon!

  11. says

    Yes indeedy THIS is how you start the weekend Barb . . . and CONGRATS on your new gig!! Beautiful stemware btw . . . Have just started a collection myself after my trip to OR last fall!!

    • Creative Culinary says

      Isn’t it lovely Deb? Even more lovely is the trouble someone went to for me so that I would have it; that’s the most special part of this particular adventure for me.


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