Boozy Strawberry Milkshake with Gin and Basil | @creativculinary

In keeping with my 'it ain't over til it's over' theme I figured we could use one more boozy milkshake as summer nears an end. This one is SO different. When I think back on the ones I've done previously, bourbon has always been an integral part of the theme. There was the Bourbon and Hot Fudge Shake that definitely kicks an old standard up a notch but certainly not to be forgotten is the Boozy Salted Caramel Shake that I discovered at Ted's Montana Grill and had to make at home. I can't imagine ... read more

Peach and Bourbon Upside Down Cake | @creativculinary

How about a little poll before I share the latest #ProgressiveEats event with you. A non scientific and will be used for absolutely nothing but to satisfy my own curiosity type of poll. Here goes. One question: What foods are you still making, eating and most interested in seeing recipes for: Summer Foods or Fall Foods? Here's the deal. I know that fall is coming but it is one entire month from now. As a result a lot of bloggers are already gungho gaga over pumpkin. They get more nuts over ... read more

Lemonade with a Kick | @creativculinary

OK, well yesterday was officially National Lemonade Day but, but, but...I do cocktails on Friday; what was I to do? I say better late than never right? And believe me, this Lemonade and Tequila Cocktail really fills the bill. Be thankful I decided to post it a day late; it is almost the perfect late summer libation. At least for someone like me. I hang onto summer tooth and nail. I honestly do not get the excitement over Fall; I mean I guess Fall is OK but what comes next? WINTER? Cold, snowy, ... read more