Apple and Walnut Bread

This recipe has been one I've used for years and like many, I no longer have any idea where it originally came from. A friend at some point in time wrote the ingredients and directions on a card and I found it when going through a shopping bag of newspaper clippings and more that I discovered tucked away in my closet when I was moving. That brown paper bag is filled with some favorites and I plan to resurrect them as I can. Included is a recipe for Beef Wellington that I made once for a dinner ... read more

Warm Caramel Apple Martini

Did you know that Sunday is National Vodka Day? Yep...a day of celebrating just for all things vodka (does that include potatoes?)! Who decides these things anyhow? Some marketing guru of course but what the heck, I'll play along; I think any day is National Vodka Day! We've had an exceptionally warm and dry September so though you were probably getting sick of my summer mantra the fact is I have accepted that Fall is here. Truth is it's not really quite cold enough for this cocktail in ... read more

Twice-Baked Jalapeno Sweet Potatoes with Chipotle Streusel Topping

I've made a dish for years that we love and is always served on our holiday table that's called Sweet Potato Souffle. While not really a souffle, the addition of eggs does add an element that I suppose made that name appropriate at the time. I actually recall that I got the recipe from my friend Nancy when we lived in North Carolina where my children were born and where I spent some of the best years of my life. I know that I could still eat that dish by the spoonfuls but it seems the longer I ... read more